Sunbase - a solid base for nitrogen filling

Sunbase - a solid base for…
Getting the perfect balance between minimum weight and the final quality of the bottle with the presence of nitrogen is not always easy.

The main problem is to avoid the rocker bottom phenomenon of the container. In fact, in order to lighten the bottle, some bottlers inject a drop of liquid nitrogen directly into the headspace: this allows to obtain good mechanical performances even with very low weights.

However, this pressure creates such a stress that the container is subject to deformations on the body. Particularly on the bottom which, if it is not solid enough, could come out and become rounder.

The rocker bottom phenomenon makes the bottle unstable, creating obvious problems during the filling process and  during the handling phase.

The solution

The patented solution of SUNBASE, by P.E.T. Engineering, finally avoids the rocker bottom phenomenon ensuring, at the same time, the possibility to be blown through a standard blowing process with both modern and old blowing machines.

Furthermore SUNBASE permits a wide range of possibilities and it can be blown with specific resins and with standard processes and preforms.

SUNBASE presents a new geometry, which is the result of the R & D team of P.E.T. Engineering, able to give more resistance and rigidity to the bottom even with a limited number of ribs and the presence of nitrogen.

Therefore, the success of future bottles will be based on a strong basis, the one of P.E.T. Engineering.

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