Sumitomo and their new components for more production efficiency

Sumitomo and their new components…
On-going technological further development and improvement of the performance capability of our products are firmly rooted in our company philosophy. While increasing production efficiency has now become a trend across the whole sector, this has always been part of our tradition at Sumitomo (SHI) Demag.

As a result of our continuous development, we are pleased to present you with three additional new components for production efficiency.

- Simplified, central operation of machine as well as robot and peripheral technology through integration into the NC5plus controls
- Simple integration of all types of full touch screen devices
- Increased efficiency of the entire system
- Very flexible equipping also for complex automation tasks

- Up to 5 different liquid colours can be automated
- Fast, fully automatic colour change in only a few cycles and without machine idle time
- No adjustment of the process settings required
- High savings in personnel, material and energy costs with very high levels of product flexibility
- Lowest rejection rate

- Reduction of energy consumption
- Low maintenance costs through reduced pump wear
- Best price/performance ratio

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