Styron Serves EPS packaging market with new Sconapor

Styron Serves EPS packaging…
Global materials company Styron announced the extension of its existing EPS (expandable polystyrene) portfolio to include a series of Sconapor N EPS grades. These products complete Styron’s Sconapor EPS portfolio with a product line extension for packaging applications.

Styron has been producing EPS since 1996 in Schkopau (Germany) under the brand name Sconapor. EPS products are lightweight, rigid plastic foam materials available as beads. Foams produced from Sconapor EPS beads are cost effective, easy to use and compressive stress resistant. While Sconapor EPS beads were initially developed for thermal and acoustic insulation purposes, Styron is constantly looking for new applications. To accommodate its customers, Styron has now extended its brand portfolio and developed the Sconapor N-438, N-338, N-238 and N-138A EPS grades that can be used to manufacture moulded foam parts for packaging applications. The four grades offer different bead sizes that can translate into different packaging foam densities.

Sconapor N EPS grades are designed for customers that want to use non-flame-retardant EPS for Consumer Electronics and Appliances packaging. Whatever the product’s shape and size, by using Styron’s EPS packaging material, customers can secure it for transport and ship it safely from point A to point B. EPS provides great protection while being more cost competitive than other protective materials available on the market.

John Case, Global Marketing Manager for Packaging, explains: “Customers do business with us because we help them solve some of their most pressing material challenges. One request from our customers concerned the specific EPS grades for packaging being produced within the vicinity of their production sites. Styron has embraced its customers’ request by launching Sconapor N EPS grades produced locally in Schkopau. With a Consumer Electronics and Appliances industry migrating to Central and Eastern Europe, they present a win-win situation for both our customers and for Styron’s Schkopau plant in Germany. With these new grades we now have a broad portfolio of EPS beads that provide existing and new EPS packaging customers with a wide range of products to choose from.”

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