Strength and sustainability – TVEplus technology from Erema

Strength and sustainability – TVEplus technology from  Erema
Erema have launched innovative TVEplus technology.

When processing severely contaminated plastic waste – especially heavily printed film packaging – previous recycling technology often struggled to meet the necessary performance requirements.

Binding agents and other additives that are always found in the inks are problematical as they break down in parts at the processing temperatures of the plastic matrix and "outgassing" takes place.

The TVEplus technology developed by Erema offers efficient filtration, homogenisation and degassing of the highest standard and enables you to process even fully coated and multiple-layer printed plastic waste in a single stage to make high-quality recycled materials. The new plant concept has been promoted on the market since February 2010 and was exhibited for the first time at the world's largest plastic trade fair "K 2010" with great success. 61 systems have already been sold since May 2010. This represents orders amounting to €33.2 million.

Strength and sustainability – TVEplus technology from  Erema

Besides optimised energy requirements, the systems also feature ecoSAVE technology and stand out through user friendliness and operational reliability. Erema once again confirms its expertise in addressing and fulfilling both the technical and economic requirements facing end users. The focus is always on the basic principle of protecting resources and handling them responsibly. Thanks to the high-quality processing of plastic waste, people who use Erema systems make a major contribution to sustainability.

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