Stora Enso provides its Memori card to Meridian Health's electronic Health Journal

Stora Enso provides its Memori…
Stora Enso has signed an agreement to provide its Memori product to an electronic Health Journal for outpatient pain monitoring to Meridian Health, a leading not-for-profit health care organization in New Jersey, U.S.

The Health Journal helps understand patient's response to pain medications and treatments in outpatient environments such as oncology practices and pain management clinics. The solution builds on Stora Enso's advanced intelligent packaging technology based on paperboard, including embedded microchip and conductive printing.

"We are working closely with Meridian to provide our design and packaging expertise to produce a fluid and tactile application for effective outpatient monitoring," says Ralph Mendoza, Sales and Marketing Manager at Stora Enso. "Understanding and listening to patients' challenges is the key as we develop the solutions to meet their needs through fiber-based, easy-to-use, scaleable packaging applications."

Previously, Stora Enso has successfully combined paperboard with electronics in its award-winning intelligent solution for pharmaceutical packaging, the Stora Enso Pharma DDSi. The new Memori card builds on the same technical platform. Stora Enso is collaborating with Cypak in Sweden for the creation of the system environment in terms of the technical platform and the microchip used. The Health Journal for pain program is the one of the first projects resulting from the recently announced intended partnership between Cypak and Meridian Health.

"One of the most common reasons patients see their physician is because of pain," says Sandra Elliott, Director, Consumer Technology and Service Development at Meridian Health. "Unfortunately, it is very hard for patients to keep accurate accounts of their pain, and subsequently physicians can only rely on the patients memory or incomplete notes to determine if their regimen is working well for the patient. We expect the health journal will not only make it easy for patients to keep better track of their pain and other symptoms but also translate the information into easy to read objective data trended over time."