Soudal to invest in Poland

The first ever Soudal plant in Poland is being constructed in Pionki, in the mazowieckie voivodship. The Belgian company is to invest 35 million PLN and intends to hire 100 persons.

It is estimated that the construction of the plant will cost over 35 million PLN and 100 workplaces are to be created. The investment is located in the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone and is to produce polyurethane foams and sealing compounds. The Chemical Building Plant is scheduled to start production in the first Q 2009. The foams and silicones manufactured in Pionki are planed to be distributed in the Polish market and Eastern markets as well.

The estimated area of the production premises accounts for 8 thousand square metres and the total area of the lot reaches 43 thousand square metres. The plant will be equipped with modern assembly lines that fulfil European standards. All solutions applied in the factory aim at limiting to the minimum the wastes produced in the course of production process and not to discharge industrial sewage. Moreover, due to an adequate production premises construction, noise pollution will be substantially reduced.

Soudal is a major manufacturer of sealants, adhesives, foams and many other chemicals for the construction and manufacturing industry as well as DIY. Headquarters are situated in Turnhout, Belgium. 24 daughter companies worldwide ensure optimal technical and logistical support.

In 1996 Soudal Poland was opened as the first sales office in emerging Eastern Europe. By the end of that year all medium term expectations for this subsidiary were already exceeded.

On July 1st 1997 Soudal concluded the acquisition of the Finished Building & Construction Silicones department of BAVG, a wholly owned daughter company of Bayer AG in Leverkusen. This acquisition covered all real estate, plant and equipment, staff and customer base. Germany is Europe's largest sealants and PU foam market and the acquisition gave Soudal a strong foothold in it. Almost immediately construction works started to double production and warehouse capacity. Soudal Leverkusen moved to these new premises in the summer of 1999.



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