Solutions for the Automated Process Chain in Elastomer Engineering

Solutions for the Automated… I In elastomer engineering, the processors demand efficient system solutions. Six partner companies from Austria and Italy display a “transalpine” process chain for elastomer sealing parts at K 2013 under the name “Carousel”. Processors from all over the world are given the opportunity to study an entire process chain: from the development of rubber compounds through machines and tools culminating in quality assurance measures as reworking, optical final inspection and automatic final sorting.

The core of the facility concept is an injection moulding machine MHF700/300XL editionS from Maplan Austria and a 4x54-fold mould from the Italian mould maker ORP Stampi with 4-drop cold runner technology. Thus the seals can be dispatched flawless, a quality assurance final inspection was involved in the concept. Rudolf Eisenhuber, the director engineering at Maplan says: - The objective is to identify the potentials of improving of added value in all these areas from elastomer to manufacturing and quality assurance. Furthermore this facility concept provides an overview of a continuous production up to an defect-free production.

Cold Runner Mould Technology for Seals with 216 Cavities

ORP Stampi is a specialist in developing, projecting and manufacturing moulds for rubber moulded parts. A focus lies in the manufacturing of cold runner systems with direct gating of cavities to save material and optimise processes. The mould engineering of the exhibit of ORP Stampi shows a 4x54-fold mould where sealings are injected into four pads. The 4-nozzle cold runner mould (CRB=Cold Runner Block) of the latest generation is designed with open nozzles, quick opening device, temperature control and regulators for volume flow control. The four nozzles fill each pad (containing 54 cavities) with an elastomer. This brings an output capacity of 216 sealings per cycle. NBR 65Sh A in orange is used as a sealing material which is originated from the compounder Mesgo. Each part has a weight of about 0.25 g. The total shot weight of the four pads amounts to 420 g.