Sinopec has chosen Ineos technology

Sinopec has chosen Ineos technology
Sinopec selects Ineos Technologies’ Innovene PP process for Sinopec Maoming Company’s new project in Guangdong, China

Ineos Technologies has today announced that it has licensed its Innovene PP process to the Sinopec Maoming Company, through Sinopec’s international business window - Sinopec International Co.,Ltd, for the manufacture of polypropylene homopolymers, random copolymers and impact copolymers.

The 200 KTA plant, to be located in Maoming City, Guangdong Province, will serve the South China markets, including the Pearl River delta region. It is the fourth PP license signed by Ineos Technologies in China this year.

Sinopec is the largest polypropylene producer in China and produces a range of premium and specialty products using the Innovene PP platform. The Maoming PP plant, due to start up in 2013, will bring Sinopec’s total capacity based on Ineos Technologies Innovene process to 1.2 million tons of polypropylene.

Peter Williams, CEO of Ineos Technologies, commented: "We are delighted that Sinopec has selected Ineos as their partner for their Maoming polypropylene project, and look forward to working with Sinopec to ensure the success of the new facility. The repeat business from a customer with the stature of Sinopec is a testimonial to the overall excellence of the technology and the support Ineos Technologies provides to its licensees. Ineos has now licensed approximately 1.7 million tons of capacity in China in 2011.”

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