Sanner presents a wide range of test strip packaging

Sanner presents a wide range of test strip packaging
The international pharmaceutical industry Sanner GmbH launches on the market a complete portfolio of test strip packaging available in a choice of sizes and designs.

These products range from conventional tubes with flip-off closures, to solutions designed for added consumer safety and product protection. New in the assortment is StripTec One, an oval test strip packaging with a slim shape adapted to the newest generation of blood glucose meters.

Sanner has been developing and manufacturing a wide range of test strip packaging for home diagnostics and professional use for more than three decades. Over the past few years, the company based in Bensheim, Germany has continuously developed its product range with new shapes, features and added convenience. Depending on the barrier property requirements and the specific product, desiccants used with test strip packaging include silica gel and molecular sieves, or a mixture of both. "Selecting the right desiccant is extremely important – and must be perfectly adapted to the specific usage profile," explained Dr. Ian Buckley, Head of Innovations at Sanner.

To ensure a perfect seal on the test strip packaging, Sanner uses different types of plastic for the tube and closure. As Buckley points out, this is a key criterion for test strip packaging: "To ensure accurate test results, test strips used in clinical applications or for self-medication must be kept clean and – above all – dry." The company manufactures its products in line with GMP guidelines and based on a quality management system certified according to DIN ISO 15378, 13485 and 9001 standards.

Sanner will present a wide range of plastic tubes and closures at the CPhI Worldwide (25-27 October 2011, Frankfurt, Germany). The length, diameter, design, and functional features of these packaging products can be adapted to meet customer specifications. Sanner also offers aluminum tubes.

As a packaging specialist, Sanner supplies conventional test strip packaging with flip-off closures – with or without tamper-evidence. Sanner test strip packaging with flip-top closure and tamper-evident feature is even more user-friendly and can be easily opened with one hand thanks to a recessed notch or thumb tab. Since the cap remains on the tube, it cannot be misplaced and is intuitively closed by the consumer after the test strip is removed. This gives patients added convenience.

StripTec One represents the latest line of Sanner test strip packaging. Its lean shape is perfectly adapted to the new-generation glucose meters. The advanced design of the dispenser opening prevents removal of multiple test strips and reduces the risk of contamination by keeping fingers out. A desiccant integrated into the base guarantees optimum climate inside the package and reliably protects each individual test strip. The flip-top closure is attached to the packaging for maximum convenience. A recessed notch makes it easy to open and close the package with one hand. The locking mechanism ensures the cap stays open while the test strip is being removed.

Along with a complete range of test strip packaging, Sanner is presenting a wide variety of closure systems and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors at CPhI Worldwide. These products include packaging solutions for tablets, capsules and dragees as well as packaging and dosing systems for liquids.

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