RimStar - PUR metering systems for integrated production processes

RimStar - PUR metering systems…

EcoStar and RimStar signify product quality and reliability for PUR experts. With the EcoStar Compact, RimStar Smart, RimStar and RimStar Plus, KraussMaffei is offering a completely relaunched product range and option packages with many new features on K trade fair.  In this way, the technical pioneers in Munich are actively supporting digitization in the area of foam production and focusing the portfolio more closely on varying customer needs, from low-cost entry level to highly customized high-end products.

"Today KraussMaffei's mixing and metering machines are already a benchmark for product quality, reliability, and performance, particularly in the field of mixing head and pump technology" explains Nicolas Beyl, President of the RPM segment at KraussMaffei. "As part of the company's reorganization, we are addressing the market demand for affordable, flexible standardization and high quality on the one hand, and maximum customization and production security using digital technologies on the other, and making these features a reality".

Entry-level model EcoStar Compact with closed-loop control system

The entry-level model EcoStar Compact provides state-of-the-art metering technology for pump sizes from four to forty liters. As a laboratory as well as a production machine, the series covers a wide range of solutions for producing PUR components. Simple control and operation of the Siemens KTP400 control panel, a metering pump with optional closed-loop technology for continuous optimum flow rate, and self-cleaning linear and deflection mixing heads for homogeneous mixing of reaction components ensure efficient production with outstanding component quality.

RimStar Smart - A solid basis to satisfy high demands

The basic version of the newly developed RimStar Smart already offers extensive equipment features for highly efficient series production of PUR components in modern Industry 4.0 production environments. The TP 700 operating panels from Siemens and volume flow meters (VC) are provided as standard. These form the basis for the optional closed-loop control of the pour rate at shot time and thus for optimum component quality. A "smart" interface connects plant technology and automation if required. An additional RFID interface for mold recognition makes working extremely efficient.

The RimStar Smart can also optionally be equipped with a pentane kit, thus satisfying all the requirements for processing a wide range of materials.

Premium RimStar series: From efficient and standardized solutions to customized solutions

In the area of PUR processing, RimStar is synonymous for process reliability, component quality, and flexibility in plant configuration. Customers can choose between the standardized RimStar Smart and RimStar solutions as required. Alternatively, they can assemble their ideal mixing and metering machine using modules of the customized RimStar Plus for special requirements. KraussMaffei is also readying the globally successful series for digital production environments and bundling together new equipment packages.

For the most challenging demands: RimStar and RimStar Plus

The product name RimStar continues to cover the most frequently requested features in the high-end sector. Multi-position metering is one of the options on offer, as well as the full range of mixing heads for up to six components e.g. for seat foam production. Equipment options include sensor-controlled oil cooling for the mixing head hydraulics, gas and propellant loading, color aggregates and mixing heads with CN (controlled nozzle) technology. In addition, integration into automated system concepts is possible by means of appropriate interfaces.

The solution is controlled by a TP-HMI from Siemens, with the optional PUC08 from KraussMaffei including production data acquisition.

In addition, the RimStar is ideally set up for process data acquisition and evaluation using DataXplorer. This "black box" provides the basis for process documentation and optimization in the context of Industry 4.0 automation tasks for many customers.

The RimStar Plus, in contrast, is almost entirely freely configurable. KraussMaffei is clearly showing its commitment to customization with this series. Customers are free to choose almost any module they wish. In addition, they have access to KraussMaffei's extensive expertise in special constructions.