Rhodia with new products

Rhodia presents its new high-performance, eco-friendly solvent Rhodiasolv IRIS and its new waterborne paint additives.

Rhodiasolv IRIS, an innovative and eco-friendly oxygenated solvent, has been designed for numerous fields of application: paint stripping, graffiti removers, industrial cleaning, paint and coating formulation.

Due to its eco-friendly profile, Rhodiasolv IRIS can meet true sustainable development expectations from consumers: being readily biodegradable, non VOC (European directive 1999/13/EC), non toxic and non flammable. Rhodiasolv® IRIS is a suitable alternative to traditional VOC solvents or toxic solvents, such as methylene chloride or N-Methylpyrrolidone.

Rhodiasolv IRIS is a high-performance solvent, it may dissolve a wide range of resins, oils, greases and paints from range of substrates. It is a base solvent for efficient and safe paint strippers and graffiti removers, and can be use for pre-treatment for paint removal in industrial laundry.

Rhodiasolv IRIS is the result of work carried out by Rhodia Research & Development platform aimed at creating sustainable solvent capable of being technically high performing, efficient, non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Rhodia strengthens also its presence on the paint and coatings market with the launch of new high-performance chemicals created to meet formulators’ demands for specific solutions. These innovations are extending the existing range of additives and position Rhodia as one of the innovative suppliers of performance additives for a variety of paint and coatings applications.

Rhodia launches innovative waterborne paint additives:

Rhodoline FT100, a novel zero VOC additive for freeze-thaw stability and open time. It enables stability after five freeze-thaw cycles, improves open time, scrub resistance and gloss while it increases the resistance to hydrophobic stains. This innovative solution is a breakthrough alternative to the existing ones on the market that helps customers to avoid logistic hassles.

Rhodoline WA wetting agents provide fast wetting properties and low foaming benefits. Rhodoline WA range, complete the existing Antarox range, giving more formulation flexibility and better foam control.

Sipomer range for rheological control agents providing performance for a broad range of spectrum of rheological profiles. By combining its experience in monomer synthesis and emulsion polymerization, Rhodia extends the available range of monomers for synthesis of thickeners. On top of specialty monomers, Rhodia offers expertise in polymer synthesis to meet the toughest challenges of paint formulations.

- With these innovative and creative solutions, we have strong ambitions to become the preferred solution provider to customers’ specific needs in the paint additive market - comments Thierry Fayand, Global Business Director of the Paint and Coatings Market, Rhodia Novecare. - Our expertise in rheology control, surface modifications and polymer associations, gives us the ability to deliver custom-made solutions adapted to niches’ needs and customers’ specific requirements. Committed to sustainable development, we also support the industry with low or non VOC and APE free ingredients, as well as ‘easy-to-formulate’ solutions.


Rhodia is a world leader in the development and production of specialty chemicals.