Rhodia offers a complete Technyl range

Rhodia offers a complete Technyl range
Rhodia Engineering Plastics, a member of theSolvay group, now offers the automotive industry a new heat performance Technyl range specifically engineered for both injection and blow molded parts for turbocharged engines.

Following on from diesel engines, turbocharging is now considered in Europe a critical technology for powertrain development for today’s downsized petrol engines where performance and power output must be guaranteed. To meet this increasing demand for turbo technology solutions, Rhodia has developed a complete heat performance range of polyamide 6.6 grades for injection and blow-molding.

Technyl B2 is the brand new generation for 2D and 3D blow molding which allows complex tubular parts capable of resisting temperatures of up to 210°C. This complements Rhodia’s Technyl offering for turbo systems which includes the Technyl Heat Performance (HP) range of products for injection molded applications displaying continuous temperature resistance of 200°C.

“In addition to its high temperature resistance, the new generation of Technyl grades for turbo applications offers excellent processability and cost-competitiveness,” comments Manuel Rossi, Innovation to Market Leader for Rhodia Engineering Plastics.

“This undoubtedly makes it the best technical and economic compromise for Tier 1s to meet OEMs’ growing challenges of higher and tougher heat environments.” Ideal for turbo intercoolers and air duct systems, Technyl heat performance range broadens the field for polyamide in automotive under-the-hood applications.

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