Reifenhäuser CSC scores with CPP lines equipped with newest generation winders

 Reifenhäuser CSC scores with CPP lines equipped with newest generation winders
Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating has consistently expanded and updated its portfolio of line components, always with a clear focus on customers' needs. Especially with the introduction of the new MIDEX-HSD winder model type Reifenhäuser was right on target: in 2015, five cast film lines equipped with the new winder for the production of Polypropylene (CPP) packaging film were sold.

In Europe many producers prefer finished film rolls which can be directly processed after storage without the need for rewinding and slitting. In contrast to that, jumbo rolls are demanded outside Europe. Sales manager Mark Borutta explains why: "Customers who want to use latest generation metallizers demand reel diameters of up to 1200 mm which, unlike 1000 mm diameter reels used so far, give 45 percent more running film meters." The advantage is obvious: The metallizer can be operated longer and thus more efficiently since downtimes during a reel change can be reduced by one third - that means 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the model type and skills of the operator.

The new design of the MIDEX-HSD winder can handle such large diameters without problem. Mark Borutta explains: "The reel is no longer moved by a rotating arm or turret mechanism, but slides horizontally onto the machine frame as the diameter is growing. The working principle of the horizontal slide winder enables considerably higher reel loads to be taken up.“ The result is reels of larger diameters. These Reifenhäuser winders are designed as a standard to produce up to three webs (additional webs are possible on demand). Depending on the winding shaft used, the maximum reel diameter of 1200 mm can even be obtained with multi-web winding.

Beside the established rotary arm winders of the MIDEX-RA model type that are specially designed for the production of finished reels of smaller diameters up to 1000mms, the horizontal slide winders of the MIDEX-HSD model type now added to Reifenhäuser CSC's portfolio are suited for customers who need large diameters to produce jumbo reels. Mark Borutta takes a look into the future. "We are already about to plan the next step", he says and explains further: "Should the trend continue, especially for metallizers, we will make reel diameters of 1500mm possible.“ CSC's range of products is complemented by MIDEX-HSS horizontal slide winders that are specially optimized for thicker and sturdier films, for example barrier films.


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