Recycled paint can brings 'Newlife' to B&Q Home Eco

Recycled paint can brings…
RPC Containers Oakham has supplied a plastic pail incorporating 25% polypropylene recyclate for a new paint being trialled by B&Q that is manufactured entirely from waste emulsion.

B&Q is working with innovative supplier Newlife Paints, which collects paint destined for landfill, separates it into colour batches and reconditions it into useable recycled paints.

For the white emulsion paint under its Home Eco brand, B&Q wanted packaging that would reflect the sustainable nature of the paint itself by incorporating recycled content, and turned to specialist paint container manufacturer RPC Oakham. "We wanted a UK supplier in order to avoid superfluous transportation and therefore to minimise the carbon footprint of the Home Eco paints, and RPC has the best reputation in the UK for incorporating recycled plastic into its containers,” explains Sarah Greenaway of B&Q.

The technically challenging brief involved close co-operation with UK suppliers of recycled plastics to ensure a high-grade polymer capable of withstanding the weight of paint. Tests confirmed that the optimum proportion of post-industrial polymer was 25% in order to maintain the highest standard of consumer functionality and convenience. In addition, a percentage of the recyclate is being obtained from post consumer sources.

The B&Q packs are an excellent example of RPC’s continuing development work in the use of recycled polypropylene, ensuring items such as containers and drinking cups can enjoy a second life and further enhance the positive environmental profile of plastics in general.

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