RecycleTech Expands Plastics Recycling Services

RecycleTech Expands Plastics Recycling Services
RecycleTech Corp is excited to announce an expanded portfolio of plastics recycling services to both our existing and new customers. In an effort to add more value to its customers, RecycleTech has identified and secured contracts with a larger pool of buyers, allowing the company to provide end markets for more than just expanded polystyrene.

As North America’s leader in polystyrene recycling, RecycleTech has helped companies to turn their expanded polystyrene waste into a commodity that has actual value associated with it. This segment continues to expand and we are on track to sell a record number of machines in 2012. The company’s current customer base periodically reaches out to RecycleTech for help in commoditizing and creating value from other plastic wastes they produce. In an effort to help these customers, the company has entered into new partnerships worldwide with buyers of plastics for the manufacturing market. This expanded partnership allows RecycleTech to market all types of plastic, not just the expanded polystyrene and other packaging materials that the company has historically purchased.

“RecycleTech Corporation is dedicated to providing as much value as possible by helping our customers divert non-traditional recyclables,” commented Daniel Chung, President of RecycleTech, “This new partnership strengthens our ability to create value from our customers’ waste streams and provide high quality raw materials to manufacturers around the world.”

RecycleTech Corporation is interested in working with people having supplies of plastics they are currently throwing away. By diverting these materials from disposal and finding an outlet for them, participating companies will be able to reduce their disposal costs since plastics tend to be bulky and lightweight, causing haulers to collect ‘air.’ RecycleTech has multiple partnerships, several of which, can pay for the various collected materials depending on the quality and quantity collected. The company has introduced Pack-It-Back program to help address items that are traditionally “hard to recycle” such as expanded polystyrene or EPS (commonly known as Styrofoam) and various types of media including VHS tapes, CDs/DVDs, and books, through an innovative mail back program that ensures this material gets recycled.


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