RPC introduces new ‘Euro Squeeze’ standard range

RPC introduces new ‘Euro Squeeze’ standard range
RPC Blow Moulding is launching a new standard bottle series with barrier properties.

Called Euro Squeeze, the range includes different sizes precisely tailored to the various requirements of European customers. The handy poly propylene bottles feature a special oxygen barrier which gives products excellent protection from external oxygen and, combined with poly propylene, offer protection against water vapour.

Due to its special layered structure, the Euro Squeeze range is ideal for many applications and a wide variety of markets. The bottles are also suitable for hot filling and can be autoclaved at up to 120°C.

The first size to be launched, manufactured by RPC Kutenholz, will be the 500ml version, which is important for the German market. Production is scheduled to begin in summer 2011. At the same time, further sizes from 250ml to 1000ml are in development. The bottles have a standard 38-400 size thread. The expanded range has been created by RPC Design from the initial concept.

The caps selected, featuring an external diameter of 38 to 63 mm, allow the bottles to stand inverted and the product to be squeezed out easily through the different sizes of openings. A non-drip cap from RPC Halstead is also available.

The easily squeezable bottles also help to ensure correct dosing, while another advantage of the series is that the cap sizes are allocated proportionally to the bottle sizes and thus provide a better cost ratio for the total pack.

Initial samples and models was demonstrated at Interpack 2011 in Düsseldorf.

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