Printpack launched High Resolution Gravure

Printpack launched High Resolution Gravure
The HRG process offers an unrivalled and even sharper print quality than any other flexible packaging print process.

Whilst HD Flexo can achieve the same dpi as standard Gravure, Printpack are launching HRG in response to the demand for especially advanced graphics. HRG delivers a superbly consistent print quality, can be used for all material structures including monoweb, duplex and triplex laminates. When combined with Printpack’s fast track service HRG offers a speed to market equivalent to current Flexo expectations.

Printpack is already a market leader in the innovative HD Flexo technology and with their new HRG capabilities has added to its wide-ranging service offerings. When combining HRG with Printpack’s Gravure fixed colour palette (4SIGHT) it offers customers considerably improved graphics whilst being cost efficient. Printpack's Gravure reduced fixed colour palette means that almost any colour can be reproduced using only 4 process colours and optional special colours; creating an extensive colour gamut. Both HRG and 4SIGHT are available in long, medium and short production runs.

"With our state-of-the-art printing technologies in HD Flexo and HR Gravure we are able to offer our customers an informed choice. At Printpack we are constantly striving to respond to our market needs and with the HRG innovation and Gravure fixed colour palette the customer can really choose which technology better serves their design criteria, without impacting on cost or speed to market" said Dave Barnes, UK Business Development Manager, Printpack European Division.