Printing Company Verstraete produces sustainable In-Mould Labels

Printing Company Verstraete…
IML packaging is simple to recycle because it is made of one type of material (monopackaging). This potential recycling advantage is however insufficiently utilised today because the selective collection of polypropylene packaging is organised only to a limited extent. It is important to make consumers and interest groups more aware of the environmental advantages of IML packaging (weight saving, stackable, recyclable).

Printing Company Verstraete believes in IML as environmentally sensible packaging and pays attention to sustainable development. The term “sustainable development” means that we grow in equilibrium with our surroundings (the environment, people living in the vicinity, employees).

Since the establishment of our printing company, we have always paid attention to the environment, and last year this was rewarded with ISO 14001 environmental certification. Our resulting policy supports the principles of sustainable development to a maximum: rational and green energy use, the reduction of our waste, water and raw material consumption.

With this commitment we offer our clients IML labels with a high image quality without losing sight of our social and ecological values.