Print campaign for Plexiglas molding compounds receives the German Brand Award

Print campaign for Plexiglas… The advertising motifs of the "Black & Bright" campaign were announced the winners of the German Brand Award in the "Brand Creation – Print" category. For more than a year now, the Black & Bright advertising campaign of the Molding Compounds Product Line of Evonik’s Performance Materials Segment has been forcefully illustrating how the Plexiglas brand stands for both tradition and inspiration.

The campaign’s advertising motifs were announced the winners in the "Brand Creation – Print" category at the presentation of the German Brand Award in Berlin on June 21. The prize, being awarded this year for the third time, is offered by the German Brand Institute; each year, this foundation honors successful brands, consistent brand management, and strong brand communication in the German-speaking countries. "We’re delighted to be receiving this award, which is a great recognition of our work," says Siamak Djafarian, head of the Molding Compounds Product Line. "The prize indicates that with our new emotionally appealing and design-oriented approach to customers we’re on a par with other well-known brands."

The advertising campaign, which the Product Line has been developing since 2017 with one of Germany’s leading creative agencies, showcases in a light-hearted way the various properties of the branded polymethyl methacrylate. "For many decades now, Plexiglas molding compounds have been a proven and tested yet innovative polymer in many sectors like the automotive and lighting industries," says Doris Hirsch, who in her previous position was responsible for the global communication of the Product Line and as such played a major role in designing the campaign. "And we now plan to use the advertising motif to appeal to the emotions of these target groups and pique their curiosity," explains Djafarian. This is why the motifs present the versatile properties of Plexiglas in a humorous and light-hearted way.

One motif, for example, depicts a vibrant street scene: A man is about to kiss a woman when she turns away abruptly on spotting the attractive tail lights of a car behind him. "Ever since the mid-1950s Plexiglas molding compounds have been firmly established in the production of injection-molded covers for tail lights. They are highly transparent with excellent light transmission and can be accurately colored in the desired signal colors. The resulting luminosity is what we showcase in the advertisement," says Djafarian.

For the Product Line, the five current advertising motifs are an important element in the communication mix of the Black & Bright campaign - which is why four new motifs are currently in preparation. The full-page motifs appear worldwide in leading trade magazines for the plastics, lighting, and automotive industries. The creative and emotionally appealing campaign is supplemented and rounded off with specialist articles and case studies in various publications as well as events ranging from conferences to an exhibition, in early 2017, in Essen’s well-known Red Dot Design Museum.

Source: Evonik

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