Plexiglas: Usable for years with the right care

Plexiglas: Usable for years…

Whether it is in supermarkets, restaurants or hair salons, Plexiglas sheets from Röhm are now being used in all areas of public life as infection protection against the Corona virus. As a result, the acrylic glass brand is helping many to return to a new normality.

“The Corona virus has fundamentally changed people’s awareness of hygiene,” says Dr. Michael Pack, Managing Director of Röhm GmbH. Even after the crisis is over, Plexiglas sheets will continue to be used as virus protection, for example against seasonal flu. “This trend will be with us for years to come,” says Pack. The high quality of Plexiglas is therefore all the more important.

“Acrylic glass offers several significant advantages over glass,” says Pack. Not only is it substantially more shatter resistant but its formability makes it very versatile in terms of application. In addition, its light weight also makes suspended constructions possible.

Plexiglas also requires different care to glass. Commercially available glass cleaners should therefore only be used for cleaning glass. For most everyday uses, a light washing up liquid/water solution is more than adequate for cleaning Plexiglas sheets.

The Robert Koch Institute has also stated that routine disinfection of surfaces in domestic and public areas is not necessary during the Corona pandemic. Therefore, Plexiglas products only require disinfection if they are subject to high viral contamination, for instance in the medical sector. Pure isopropanol, the active ingredient of which does not attack the surface of Plexiglas, is suitable for such purposes.

"With the right care, Plexiglas can be used for many years," says Pack.

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