Plagiarism protection detectable at the touch of a button

Plagiarism protection detectable… At Fakuma 2018, Grafe presented its latest developments of marker masterbatches for thermoplastics. The customized solutions are based on a combination of chemical substances and special analytical detectors to enable a combination for qualitative and quantitative product analysis. Thanks to new testing technology and masterbatches, the identity of the product can be identified at the touch of a button.

In Germany alone, plagiarism and counterfeit products cause a loss of several billion euros in sales every year. These counterfeits almost exclusively lack qualitative materials, their high-quality processing as well as quality and security controls. Grafe as a premium manufacturer, on the other hand, bears responsibility for its product diversity and also keeps its quality promise for its products in the long term. Already during the product development process, the company can install various barriers in order to guarantee the customer clear traceability of an original product.

The active substances in the Grafe marker masterbatch are universally applicable in all thermoplastics and cannot be destroyed by the usual processing methods in the plastics sector. Additionally, the marker additives are resistant to external influences. The combination with all imaginable colorants as well as additives in the masterbatch is technically possible at any time and thus offers the possibility of a specific complete solution without the customer needing further auxiliary materials or additional process steps. Even at low dosages, clear marking is possible. Therefore, the influence on the color or the mechanical properties as well as an increase in the material costs of the end product can be neglected.

"Our customers have access to sophisticated technical solutions based on the combination of chemical substances and modern detection methods such as light fluorescence or X-ray fluorescence. We start working with our customers right from the development phase to ensure that they receive an individual and tailor-made solution," assured Dr. Frank Claußen, Head of Analytics in the Material Science.

In addition to issues of counterfeit protection, there are also new solutions for quality assurance in production at the customer's site. This reduces damage or quality defects and prevents unjustified complaints. The research and development department is equipped with modern testing techniques that prove customer-specific markings. In the form of a handy detector, plagiarisms can be detected at the push of a button if a special marking batch is incorporated into plastic parts. This contains a response pattern that is activated by a light pulse and sent back to the measuring device. By means of visual feedback, a reliable proof of origin of the product can be achieved. The services of Grafe's employees range from the verification of counterfeit protection by the company's own measuring instruments to assistance and instruction in the use and operation of the company's own detectors (WO 2013/091623 A8).

Source: Grafe

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