Piovan launches variable speed “Varyo” blower

Piovan launches variable speed “Varyo” blower
Piovan, an ancillaries equipment specialist, has created “Easy3System”, a centralised intgreated conveying system.

A new part of the system is “Varyo”, an innovative vacuum unit for the suction and conveying of granules through the pipes.

A key feature of the Varyo blower is that it is equipped with an integrated inverter that can accommodate different operational levels, thus variable speed values of the granule, for each of the transportation sequences of the material and the cleaning stage of the pipe. Both the levels of speed and the time sequences are manageable by the user, who is therefore able to optimise the operation of the whole system for each specific type of application.

In this way, it is possible to optimise the speed of the conveying of the material based on the value set, essentially managing the initial phase to generate a sufficient amount of kinetic energy required to move the granules, and the intermediate and final stages. This avoids those peaks that typically occur during conveying and at the final stage of purging the line, when the pipe is almost empty and therefore the speed of the granules tends to increase.

The elimination of uncontrolled peaks of the speed of the materials helps to avoid, especially on the large scale lines of complex geometry, those problems caused by the violent and disorderly vibration of the granules against the inner walls of the pipes, such as the formation of dust and “angel hair”, the premature wear of the elbows of the pipes and stressing of the plastic material.


Piovan is a leader in quality in the plastics material processing sector.




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