Pad printing solutions for plastics industry

Pad printing solutions for…
At K 2013 in Düsseldorf Tampoprint, a well-known German producer of pad printing and laser marking machines, presented its newest solutions, dedicated to plastic goods' manufacturers.

One of the exhibits was a high-performance printing line consists of a cycle conveyor with indexed band plates which is controlled by a servo-motor. The twelve printing machines are driven by a central shaft with servo-motor synchronously to the cycle conveyor. Using turning jigs and movable mechanical turning cams, both the front and rear sides of the printing components will be printed in one working process with a total of 12 colours. The line is dedicated to toys manufacturing industry, but can be also used in packaging and medical applications.

Other interesting solution presented at K show was cliché laser designed for creation of screen motifs and photorealistic CMYK print images. The main novelties of the machine is engraving the screen with different depths corresponding to the tonal value.

More on the pad printing innovations say Tampoprint representatives in our video.