Pack provides crème de la crème of decoration

Pack provides crème de la… A traditionally authentic crème fraîche from French dairy producer Laiterie d’Etrez is now being packed in the Ecopack pot from RPC Bebo Bouxwiller. The company chose the RPC Bebo solution for its Crème de Bresse AOP thanks to the container’s brand-enhancing high-definition offset printing, which has replaced the In-Mould Labelling of the previous pack.

The standard 500ml white polypropylene (PP) Ecopack also offers Laiterie d’Etrez a practical and convenient design that end-users will find easy to use, combining strength and stability with easy access to the product.

The decoration on the container and lid uses a number of bold colours to maximise on-shelf presence. Lids are manufactured by RPC Bebo Bremervörde, before being printed at RPC Bebo Bouxwiller.

Crème de Bresse AOP is characterised by a crisp and fresh taste, making it an indispensable finishing touch to many dishes as well as a powerful flavour enhancer for recipes. It is widely available across the Rhône-Alpes region of France.

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Source: RPC Bebo Bouxwiller

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