PET plastic bottle recycling market potential is enormous

PET plastic bottle recycling…
Two former German Freudenberg and Rethmann recycling companies announced a joint venture "First PET" enterprise, specialized recycling PET beverage bottles.

Because the raw materials generated by the PET re-use value in the industry is still very high, so this environmental market development potential is enormous.

Dr.Albert Purzer spokesman said, according to Freudenberg, the new First PET revenues start to reach the global market size of 10% (Freudenberg in Italy, Rethmann in Taiwan and the Netherlands have set up factories), forecast the future of business will be thriving and plans in the near future, one after another into the United States and China.

Germany's growing demand for PET bottles up, but still far less than the U.S. and Japan. According to statistics, every year the amount of PET plastic bottles for recycling up to 90 million tons, while the First PET plant in Kaiserslautern, each year about 2 million tons recyclable Recyclat. Based on the global market size of the industry's annual growth rate of about 10%, so the plant would also like to meet market demand.

First PET PET plastic bottles will be pressed into 400 kg weight reduction of the real ball, and then after washing, cutting, flotation and other debris particles collected by program, initially made of artificial leather or suede leather spine material can then be processed into insoles used the roof inside the pad, engine insulation, carpet mats, filter paper, with its wide range of applications.

2000 Rethmann Group's total turnover of up to 1.7 billion euros, a total of 4,000 employed 10,000 employees, its addition to the PET recycling business, there SARIA Bio-Industries (organic recycling), and Spedition Rhenus (logistics) two family cross-industry companies.