PET: An excellent alternative

PET: An excellent alternative In the course of the last year, as well as winning many awards in recognition of its low environmental impact packaging creations, P.E.T Engineering has also worked on projects which could help people to see PET as a valid alternative to glass, aluminium and HDPE both in terms of mechanical performance and appearance.

At Brau Beviale 2014 P.E.T. Engineering will thus introduce four projects which have seen designers and engineers committed to developing packaging with a premium appearance using PET, a material which is usually used for bulk products with a limited aesthetic appeal and chosen principally for its low weight, unbreakability and affordability advantages.

The packaging proposed was thus born from a desire to ennoble PET by studying accessory elements such as labels and over packaging in order to create not single shapes but product systems capable of reconfiguring popular perceptions of PET bottles in the minds of bottlers and end consumers. Twins, Hero, Diva and Valley will show that it is possible to make a container of great shelf-appeal together with excellent mechanical, unbreakability and, above all, affordability performance.

P.E.T. Engineering is also partner to Petnology, the yearly conference which is sub-divided into three themed cycles which take place at the same time this year and offers top experts in the supply chain and bottlers the opportunity to discuss the future of packaging and the challenges which the PET industry faces.

Moreno Barel, P.E.T. Engineering's C.E.O., will also take part in the conference with a presentation on PET's future in alcoholic drink bottling in Russia in Stream B, the theme devoted to technical and innovation presentations.

P.E.T. Engineering's projects will find in PETArena a meeting point entirely devoted
to PET within Brau Beviale, another important shop window.

P.E.T. Engineering is also taking part, with its bottle developed for Devin, already a finalist in the Luxury Packaging Award, in the World Beverage Innovation Awards @ Brau Beviale, organised by Foodbev Media. In conjunction with Unesda (the Union of European Beverages Associations) and Wafg, (the German non-alcoholic drinks trade association), the prize will see P.E.T. Engineering's Devin competing for Best Bottle in PET.

P.E.T. Engineering will be present at Brau Beviale at stand 248-349, Hall 7.

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