Nine years of full-speed plastics recycling

Nine years of full-speed plastics recycling
For the past nine years, INDUPLASTIC DE MEXICO has had NGR machines in
constant daily use. Therefore, the time has come for a résumé.

Nine years ago, an S:GRAN 85V HD recycling system went into operation at INDUPLASTIC DE MEXICO in Mexico City and was supplemented one year later by an S:GRAN 105V HD. In the meantime, 10,000t of material have been purchased and recycled annually for the company’s own requirements, which means that both recycling systems are subject to considerable challenges. Indeed, according to Inc. Ruben Carrasco, Induplastic’s CEO: “Owing to the excellent demand for our products, we have been working with both recycling
systems on a 24‐7‐365 basis.” Via his computer, he then switches on the webcam, which has been newly installed in the recycling area in order to constantly monitor production.

For over 25 years, INDUPLASTIC DE MEXICO has been manufacturing a product range that consists largely of injection moulded leisure and household goods and toys. Although the market in this segment is hotly contested, in recent years INDUPLASTIC DE MEXICO has developed in an extremely positive manner. For in spite of the economic crisis, the workforce has grown to number over 200 at three production centres and the company takes a highly optimistic view of the future. A manufacturing enterprise can only survive in such a very competitive market, when it is capable of achieving cost‐optimized production. Accordingly, the use of top quality recyclates is the key to a reduction in material expenses, which represent the main production cost driver. A company such as INDUPLASTIC DE MEXICO, which uses recyclate for roughly 50 per cent of the component volume of its products, can at least adopt a somewhat more relaxed attitude towards raw material prices, which are continuing to rise at ever‐greater speed.

recycling machine, NGR S:GRAN 85 V HD

In the early years of its existence, INDUPLASTIC DE MEXICO also worked with recycled plastics, but since its decision to repelletize this material with high‐tech recycling systems from Austria, the company has been able to employ the recycled material in larger quantities and with much greater efficiency. 12,000 kg of production waste are recycled daily and as Sen. Carrasco explains while an entire bale of pressed BOPP is being raised on the transport belt of the S:GRAN: “We use our machines for the processing of both sorted and laminated plastics. We acquire a variety of materials on the open market and our especially versatile ONE STEP recycling technology allows us to buy with greater freedom, which keeps our purchasing costs down. This is possible because irrespective of whether it is rolled, loose, pressed into bales or merely in lumps, the NGR systems can process material in virtually any form directly and without pre‐shredding or prior preparation.”

Moreover: “The NGR systems are practical and functional and allow the use of various plastics and moulds. In addition, roughly forty of our employees can operate the machines because they have very simple controls and lengthy training is not needed. Consequently, we do not need process engineers in order to operate the machines in optimum fashion, which saves money on a daily basis and helps us to produce in an effective and costoptimized manner. All of these factors contribute to our success. Furthermore, the rapid supply of spare parts and excellent contacts with Austria and the sales partner Incotécnica in Mexico, limited wear and the top quality of the recyclate means that we are able to say that after nine years we are extremely satisfied with our NGR systems.”

INDUPLASTIC DE MEXICO attaches great importance to efficiency and innovation, as confirmed by Sen. Carrasco: “We regard the challenges that the future will bring with confidence and have major plans for the years to come.” And in view of the energy, calmness and professionalism with which INDUPLASTIC DE MEXICO operates, everyone can be inquisitive to see what the future holds for the company.



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