New generation of aseptic Krones cappers

Innovative closures and container shapes designed as eye catching initiatives for marketing efficacy are posing progressively more frequent challenges for aseptic. The line is invariably required to provide a high degree of flexibility for handling a wide spectrum of different bottle mouths and closures.

For the PET-Asept lines meanwhile established on the market, Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany, has developed a new generation of aseptic cappers that further improves clean ability and accessibility while still retaining the field-proven hygiene advantages involved. By relocating the servomotors upwards as drive elements, but keeping the control cams lower down, accessibility has been improved for care and maintenance.

This design enhancement for the capper means that larger bottle diameters of up to 108 mm can now be handled as well. The new generation of cappers, moreover, is already being used in standard filler BLOCs.

The Krones group designs, develops, manufactures and installs both machines and complete filling and packaging lines. Its principal customers are breweries and beverage producers, the food industry, and the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.



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