New bottle forming machine developed by Illig

New bottle forming machine developed by Illig
Lllig developed first bottle forming machine (BF 70 Bottle Former).

Bottles for yogurt, juice, vegetables and isotonic drinks can be manufactured in a cost-effective way using this thermoformer.

The possibility to work with undercuts is a substantial benefit in design and function, this is applied e.g. on containers for jams, bread spreads and fruit yogurts. Subject to design different volumes can be realized.

The BF 70 sets the standard in thermoforming with respect to design and operating convenience and features conventional production reliability. The user also benefits from shortest conversion times and flexible equipment. In this way different bottle shapes can be manufactured. The complex thermoforming system calls for perfect synchronization of machine and tool (format set). This is an essential condition for smooth production, especially with a view to the relatively short cycle times.

The required negative undercut on the bottles alone was a remarkable challenge for tool and machine designers. Bottles with such pronounced undercuts can only be manufactured using movable lower tool parts.

New types of process runs ensure absolutely uniform wall thickness distribution in spite of small original area and high depth of draw. When looking at the bottles there is no difference between blow-molded and thermoformed ones.

Considering the unit weight, however, it becomes obvious right away that the weight of thermoformed bottles which are in line with market requirements for stability is less than the weight of blow-molded bottles. This is a big advantage today with respect to preservation of resources.

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