New SABIC’s polypropylenes for packaging

New SABIC’s polypropylenes…
SABIC adds impact copolymer to Flowpact range of polypropylenes for thin wall packaging.

SABIC is adding to its range of polypropylenes for thin-wall injection moulding applications with a new impact copolymer grade, SABIC PP Flowpact FPC 100. SABIC has developed the new material for the production of thin wall containers for yellow fats and packaging for dairy products such as yoghurts, cream, flavoured milk and cheese spreads.

With the introduction of FPC100, SABIC now has two impact copolymers and one homopolymer in its Flowpact range.

As with existing grades SABIC PP FPC55 and SABIC PP FPH50, the new grade contains a state-of-the-art package of processing and antistatic additives. It is distinguished by high flow and high crystallisation speed, which together result in reduced cycle times for moulders. It also features an excellent balance of impact strength and stiffness.

New SABIC’s polypropylenes for packaging

SABIC PP Flowpact FPC 100 has a melt flow rate (MFR, 230°C, 2.16 kg) of 100 g/10 min, enabling easy production using multicavity moulds running at high speed. Concerning food packaging, the new grade is in compliance with EFSA regulations.

Ricardo Calumby, Technical Marketing Engineer PP at SABIC in Sittard, the Netherlands, says all Flowpact grades are designed to provide important savings in unit costs at converters, particularly in thin-wall packaging. “The energy they can save will have knock-on benefits for related environmental considerations,” he notes.

“Flowpact is a successful illustration of our policy of developing innovative products for sustainable market solutions to sit alongside our core bulk materials, making the idea of a one-stop shop for packaging customers a reality,” Calumby concludes.


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