New Products from Proell KG

Noriphan XMR screen printing ink for IMD/FIM technology

Noriphan XMR is a halogen-free two-component ink system for IMD/FIM technology. Noriphan XMR is formable, shows extremely high wash-out resistance and outstanding cohesion in compound. The mild screen printing ink can be used as decorating ink or wash-out protective layer on PC films and PET films. Noriphan XMR can be printed on Noriphan HTR N and vice versa.

Noriphan XMR shows high electrical resistance in capacitive fields. The black color shades are excellent suited for touch panel applications.

The highly resistant screen printing ink can be used for conventional printing applications as well. Noriphan XMR shows excellent adhesion on PC films, PC blend films, pre-treated PET films and corona treated PE and PP films. Even on various scratch resistant surfaces or hard coat lacquers and TPU materials a good ink adhesion can be achieved. Pre-tests are mandatory for these substrates.

In case of decorating 3D parts, Noriphan XMR can be processed by pad printing as well.

NoriPress PP – Adhesion Promoter for PP-IMD/FIM

NoriPress PP is an adhesion promoter for IMD/FIM technology (Film Insert Molding) which makes back molding of second surface screen printed PP films with polypropylen injection molding material possible.
Up to now, back molding of PP film laminates was possible only.

For decorating corona pre-treated PP films, the IMD/FIM screen printing inks Noriphan XWR and NoriPET are best suited. The printed film shows excellent cohesion in compound values when back molding with Daplen EE 158 Al (Borealis).

Automotive decorative parts and panels as well as motorcycle fairings and tool housings can be produced in durable quality by using the PP IMD/FIM process.

Nori Protect XCP

Nori Protect XCP is a glossy, solvent-based and weather resistant two-component screen printing protective lacquer showing good chemical and mechanical resistances.

Nori Protect XCP is suitable for printing on polycarbonate, rigid PVC, polystyrene, ABS and SAN, pre-treated PET films and corona.

Source: Proell KG