New GUR X 192 macropowder from Ticona expands porous plastic design possibilities for filtration

New GUR X 192 macropowder…
Ticona have announced at K 2010 the development of GUR X 192 Macropowder, a new porous plastic powder.

Sintered products produced with this new material have excellent porosity and good strength for use in a variety of filtration applications for liquids and gases that require higher flow rates, lower pressure drops and increased part strength.

New GUR X 192 Macropowder was showcased at K 2010.

“Our customers asked for a larger design space that will allow them to develop more innovative porous filtration products,” said Ramesh Srinivasan, global segment manager for GUR porous, Ticona. “After intensive research and development, Ticona scientists created the new GUR X 192 VHMW (very-high molecular weight) polyethylene polymer that stretches the envelope of porous part properties to encompass applications across a wide spectrum of industries.”

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