New EUROMAP 46 recommendation

New EUROMAP 46 recommendation
The new EUROMAP 46 is the second recommendation dealing with the energy efficiency of plastics machinery. Following publication in January 2013 of the revised EUROMAP 60 on the energy efficiency of injection moulding machines, the first results of which were shown at K 2013, the new EUROMAP 46 is concerned with the energy efficiency of extrusion blow moulding machines. It follows the basic concept of EUROMAP 60 in distinguishing between machine-related and product-related energy consumption.

Part 1 therefore contains a classification of machinery using a defined test cycle, while Part 2 deals with the measuring methods used to determine the specific energy consumption of products according to customer demands.

Energy efficiency is increasingly important for European plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers. EUROMAP recommendations allow firms to communicate their performance data in this field simply and transparently. Customers can also use the information to make comparisons.



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