New AvaSpire PAEK grade for ultra-thin film applications

New AvaSpire PAEK grade for…
Solvay Advanced Polymers, LLC, has unveiled a new AvaSpire polyaryletherketone (PAEK) grade designed for the extrusion of ultra-thin film to thicknesses as low as six microns (25 gauge, 0.236 mil).

The new material expands Solvay’s proprietary AvaSpire AV-600 PAEK series by providing a higher performing alternative to polyetheretherketone (PEEK) in ultra-thin film applications.

The new grade – designated AvaSpire AV-630 – can be drawn down in extrusion processes to extremely low thicknesses while also offering significant performance advantages in ultra-thin film (less than 25-micron thickness) versus similar films made from PEEK. These benefits include increased ductility for better puncture resistance, which translates into a more robust handling capability in manufacturing operations.

In addition, AV-630 offers more consistent/uniform mechanical properties along both flow and transverse directions of the film. Manufacturers report that PAEK film feels less crinkly and is slightly more flexible than PEEK film at comparable thicknesses, according to Pete Woloson, business development manager for Solvay’s Ajedium Films. Based in Newark, Del. (USA), this division of Solvay Solexis, Inc. produces and sells ultra-thin films made of AvaSpire AV-630.

The new PAEK material also boasts a higher heat deflection temperature (HDT) and enhanced flammability resistance compared to PEEK.

“This new AvaSpire grade has been specifically developed for ultra-thin film and is emerging as a higher performing alternative to PEEK, which until now has been the industry standard,” explained Jamal El-Hibri, principal scientist for Solvay Advanced Polymers.

AvaSpire AV-630 is manufactured via Solvay’s proprietary melt filtration process which ensures the highest level of cleanliness for production of articles that are extremely low in gel content and other particulate contamination. The material also exhibits improved adhesion to substrate materials during assembly operations.

The new PAEK grade is being evaluated for use at several OEMs in a range of application areas and is demonstrating its advantages over standard PEEK film. Sub-mil thick films made from AV-630 are being considered for a broad range of end uses in electrical/electronics, aerospace, medical, and industrial industries. These include capacitors, electrical insulation, flexible circuitry substrates, composite film layers, specialty laminates, moisture barrier liners, and aerospace films such as thermal acoustical insulation blanket covering films.

In addition to ultra-thin film and tape, AV-630 is suitable for melt extrusion into monofilaments, thin-wall medical tubing and capillaries, as well as for melt extrusion-based wire and cable insulation coating.

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