Netstal expands its ELIOS series with two smaller variants

High performance and freely programmable aXos controller

All ELIOS series machines are equipped with the high performance aXos control technology. "The aXos controller from Netstal allows customers to get the most out of their Netstal machines. Not only because it can be adapted to many applications but also because its operation is very intuitive and comfortable," explains Davatz. As opposed to a pure touchscreen controller, the aXos controller consists of two screens. The upper operating panel for the machine function is equipped with a membrane keyboard equipped with a clearly arranged keypad. The noticeable pressure point provides operators with an instant feedback, which allows for the "blind" operation while looking at the clamping unit. The lower 17" monitor is available for programming and parametrization. It is operated with a foldable keyboard with navigational buttons and a trackball.

The individually configurable header, which can be expanded into a full-screen dashboard if needed, provides operators with all relevant information at a glance. The dashboard can be adapted to individual needs with various tiles and therefore provides direct access to the individual production parameters.

Source: Netstal