Moretto mini dryers: small size, big performance

Moretto mini dryers: small…

With over 10,000 machines sold, the Moretto mini dryers continue to be one of the products more appreciated by customers all over the world thank to their high performance, compactness and polished design. They are suitable for the treatment of technical polymers in the moulding of complex components serving demanding sectors such as medical, optical, electronics and telephony. Thanks to their small , they can be installed directly on the mouth of the processing machine.

The range includes three products lines for a total of 9 models distinguished by specific characteristics. The D TX series is characterized by ease of use. The operator, guided by the system database, can independently set the machine according to the polymer to be treated and the required production. The airflow adjustment is automatic in the XD TX series instead. By simply setting two parameters – polymer type and hourly throughput – the dryer automatically manage in a self-adaptive way the necessary airflow to treat the material. The XD XM series is suitable for applications in sectors such as medical and optical.

Standard features of the range are the anti-stress system that prevents over-drying of the polymer and the implementation of the OTX hopper – available in the Pyrex version in the XM series – which increases and completes the dryer performance, creating a high-energy efficient solution. The several connection possibilities via USB and RS 485 serial port make these products perfectly integrable with Mowis, the Moretto supervising and management system, as well as linked to instruments for data collection. Versions are available for connection to Master 300 palmtop for better ergonomics in multi-hopper drying system, or in case of installation on the machine.

The latest development in the Moretto drying family is X Comb, the super compact mini dryer suitable for lower throughput of technical polymers. Fully electric, it is specifically designed to efficiently treat hygroscopic technical polymers. A high-energy efficient product for demanding sectors such as medical, optical and electronics. 7 models available that complete a range of products from 0,25 up to 45 kg / h.

"Reliability, this is the word that best describes Moretto technology. Over 2200 are the mini dryers purchased in 2021, machines that stand out for their quality, performance and attention to detail"- HNP, local partner Moretto in South Korea.

From the left: D TX, XD TX and XD XM