Moretto has developer the Dehumidifying - Eureka Project

Moretto has developer the…
Moretto previewed to the world Eureka, the most ambitious project in the history of dehumidification.

This innovative business project is referred to the moulders (who work above all with PET), in order to offer them a valid alternative to the traditional conventional drying systems, ensuring not only a considerable quality and performance improvement, but also a drastic reduction of the energy consumption, which represents today the second highest cost for the companies, after raw materials.

The new drying system Eureka is the combination of the new X MAX dryer and the Flowmatik controller with the new OTX hopper, which enables a throughput of up to 8,000 kg/h capacity, in combination with a modular generator of 20,000 m³/h – giving total flexibility of between three and 10 modular design dryer units and from 1 up to 32 drying hoppers, all without requiring either compressed air or cooling water.

The result is faster, consistent and gentle drying of highly hygroscopic polymers – such as PET – with the benefit of a significant reduction in energy consumption. The factor separating this multi-tower system from conventional systems is the maintenance of a consistent, i.e. uniform, dew point throughout the process, thereby reaching high efficiency levels and total operating flexibility.

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