Model Group is to acquire the newly established Aarepapier AG

Model Group is to acquire the newly established Aarepapier AG, comprising some 90 employees and all activities of Mondi Niedergösgen AG. Model AG will also be acquiring 70% of the regional waste disposal facility Regionale Entsorgungsanlage Niedergösgen AG(Reni).

The paper mill in Niedergösgen (Aarepapier), which produces approximately 160,000 tonnes of recycled paper-based container board a year, and the paper mill in Weinfelden (Thurpapier) will together achieve a total output of over 300,000 tonnes p.a. within the Group.

The acquisitions will secure Model's raw materials base for its corrugated board packaging products and guarantee increased reliability of supplies to customers. The faster availability of additional container board types will enhance both flexibility and service quality in the packaging segment.

The acquisition of a majority holding in Reni AG also a marks a crucial contribution to the completion of material and energy cycles. Operations at Reni AG include the incineration of production waste from the paper mill, and channeling the steam produced back into the paper manufacturing process.

In light of the fact that the Weinfelden production site already uses steam from the KVA Waste Incineration Plant in Thurgau, the Group boasts an outstanding environmental and energy track record. Sizable investments are planned for next year at Aarepapier AG. Among other goals, the capital outlays are aimed at further raising energy efficiency and productivity.