Miroglio Group signs new Ingeo master licence agreement

Miroglio becomes the latest NatureWorks partner to sign a Master License Agreement (MLA) to supply fiber and yarns in Europe and beyond.

The Miroglio Group has decided to join the strategic group of NatureWorks LLC`s global partner network to supply both Ingeo fiber as a raw material, and also manufacturing its own range of Ingeo yarns. These will be developed and used within the group for a variety of textile applications and will also be marketed and sold to the textile supply chain on a global basis.

In becoming the latest Ingeo partner to sign a MLA, Miroglio will benefit from the strong market growth for NatureWorks innovative biopolymers, fuelled since the 2003 brand launch by the support and dedication of its inaugural licensees.

The Miroglio Group holds an important position in the textile industry. Recognized as a leader in innovation and product development, the group`s history began in 1947, when Giuseppe Miroglio, the company's founder, set up his own industrial business with just four looms, installed in storehouses he had built in the centre of Alba.

Since then, the business evolved dramatically to become one of the world`s key textile groups. In recent years the group has expanded and acquired or established companies and production plants including Ulmia in Germany, Giorgetti Bulgaria as well as interests in China, Spain and more. The Textile Division of the Group deals with the production and sales of a wide variety of articles spanning the entire spectrum of the textiles from yarns and greige fabric, to finished fabrics, screen, digital and transfer paper design and manufacture.

As one of the major players in the textile field, Miroglio launched its new Ingeo products at the Filo International Yarn Exhibition in Milan. This exhibition was the very first in the seasonal cycle of textile trade shows and one that feeds the market with new ideas in raw materials, yarns and trends, where all the key players look for innovation direction, making it the ideal venue to announce this MLA and showcase Ingeo yarn and fibre products from the Miroglio Group.



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