Milacron at K 2016

Mold Components

DME Mold Technologies and MRO

Milacron has long been an essential resource to the plastics industry worldwide. Its DME product brand has been a market-leading mold technologies provider for 70 years and represents the industry's broadest range of products for mold makers, processors and mold designers. Among its offer of unlimited mold base configurations are two new products engineered to save time and money.

NEW MUD Aluminum Insert Molds from DME

The Master Unit Die Quick-Change (MUD) System is designed to overcome the challenges of increasing productivity and decreasing costs. MUD Quick-Change Systems are proven to deliver increased uptime and reduced costs. Most changeovers take less than five minutes, require no special equipment and can be made by one person. The MUD quick-change approach to tooling reduces downtime by as much as 75%, and lowers the initial cost of new tooling by as much as 66%.

TIRAD High Precision Large Mold Bases

Tirad product lines will feature Large Mold Bases with plate lengths up to 1.5 X 2.3 m, increasing the company's capacity to handle larger, more diverse product molds. The mold bases are manufactured on the fastest, most powerful machines within their class, and use machining centers that process data faster and more accurately. The premier equipment used to make Large Mold Bases significantly reduces manual polishing and additional rework due to increased consistency in high quality finishes. TIRAD offers high precision climate room production capabilities of plates for plastics injection molds, especially for multi-cavity systems in accuracy +/- 0.005 mm / 1000 mm. TIRAD's high precision mold bases for medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage packaging and PET preform solutions.

Milacron continues to push the boundaries of possibilities in plastics with breakthrough products from leading brands including Milacron, Mold-Masters, DME, Ferromatik, Uniloy, TIRAD and CIMCOOL.