Milacron at K 2016

Milacron's K-TEC Machine Platform to Mold Two Component PET Preforms with Cosmetic Finish Partnering with MuCell and Foboha Cube Mold Technologies - Hall 15-C06

Milacron's K-TEC machine platform ensures high speed, high accuracy and high uptime. The K-TEC's exceptional precision and repeatability, fast cycle times, high injection rates and pressure, parallel functions, and easy maintenance are the hallmarks of the K-TEC, one of the most productive injection molding machines available on the market today. The K-TEC is available in full hydraulic or servo hydraulic configurations. It is especially suited for customized solutions for large production outputs. The K-TEC comes in eleven sizes from 60 to 450 metric tons clamping force, and is also available as a multi-component, monosandwich, or cube machine. The cell utilizes Foboha's cube mold expertise and Trexel's innovative MuCell system to produce a visually appealing cosmetic finish inside the PET preform.

Cell Specifics: 4 cavity, 30.5 gram preform, Mold-Masters 16 zone TempMaster hot runner controller, MuCell technology, Foboha cube mold

Milacron's NEW Elektron Evolution Equipped with the NEW Linear Robot and E-Multi Auxiliary Injection Unit to Mold Fan Favorite "Crinkle Box" - Hall 01-A39

The NEW Elektron Evolution has been a product of Milacron's years of innovation in all-electric injection molding technology. The Elektron uses the advanced Ferromatik-Series control system Mosaic. Designed for a full range of applications and in a wide variety of sizes from 30 to 650 metric tons, it offers customers outstanding value. The Elektron Evolution uses 60 percent less energy and 90 percent less water than hydraulic injection molding machines, reducing operating costs substantially. Setting the standard for movement repeatability, Elektron Evolution's stroke precision of servo-driven axis is significantly greater than top hydraulic systems, making it the best injection molding machine for the reliable production of high-precision parts. Elektron Evolution is the perfect machine for customers molding sophisticated technical parts in the Automotive and Electronics industry. The cell features the NEW Standard Milacron Linear Robotic With the NEW Milacron Linear Robotic System in Standard and Performance versions, Milacron now offers standardized and cost efficient pick and place solutions. The cell is rounded out with the industry leading E-Multi Auxiliary Injection Unit. The E-Multi is a fully electric unit designed to allow for a cost effective upgrade to mulicomponent injection molding and can be mold or platen mounted. At K, the Elektron Evolution (EO 200) with Standard Linear Robot will be producing a two-component "Crinkle Box" using a Mold-Masters E-Multi (EM2) auxiliary injection unit to inject the secondary color.

Cell Specifics: 1 cavity, Linear Robot and Mold-Masters E-Multi (EM2) auxiliary injection unit and Mold-Masters 12 zone controller Mold courtesy of Haidlmair