MSV Fairs - the largest in this decade

A very interesting exhibition is being prepared by the Brno University of Technology this year. In Hall Z, they will introduce a project featuring a simply programmable ARCOR robot, a model of a mixed drink factory, two Formula One racing monoposts, and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery designed to conserve electricity from renewable sources.

Czechoslovak pavilion A1 with a 100RIES exhibition

The 60th MSV will again be a Czechoslovak one and it will be best shown in Hall A1 through the 100RIES [Stories] exhibition, which will tell a hundred stories of Czechoslovak industrial legends of the past century. The exhibits will include a jet loom, a lightweight machine gun model 26, a Prim watch, a Jawa 350 motorcycle or a Zetor Crystal tractor in both the historic and current versions. Same as during the first International Engineering Fair in 1959, a Blaník L 13 glider will be hanging over the visitors’ heads. Some exhibits will not even fit inside the 100RIES exhibition, such as the famous Silver Arrow engine which will be displayed on the tracks in front of Hall A1. The biggest attractions will also include a replica of the statue of President T. G. Masaryk, which decorated the rotunda of Hall A in 1928 when the exhibition centre was first opened. During the fair, the statue will be milled out by a three-meter robot directly before visitors’ eyes.

Slovakia as the current automotive superpower will recall the history of its automotive industry at the 100RIES exhibition and will bring the historically first serially produced car in Slovakia - the Škoda 743 Garde Coupé from 1982 with the production number 00001. Further icons will include the Favorit bicycle, the Babetta moped or the current wonder, the first world superquad (a combination of a car and a quad bike) named Engler.

Slovakia is also naturally the partner country of this year's MSV. The official Slovak exhibition titled Good Idea Slovakia will occupy an area of 500 m2 in Hall A1, where 40 companies will be exhibiting together. More than 80 Slovak exhibitors, including traditional engineering and industrial brands such as Železiarne Podbrezová, Trens SK or ZVL Slovakia, will participate in the fair.

MSV Tour and Brno Fair City projects

MSV is not just about exhibitors - every year it also becomes the largest five-day conference centre of the Czech Republic and beyond with an industrial focus. The most important events include the traditional Monday Congress of the Confederation of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic - a key discussion meeting of representatives of the government with the business sector, which will be Czechoslovak for the first time and with the participation of the prime ministers of both countries. In addition, there is the two-day B2B project called Contact-Contract, a conference on cooperation with China, meetings with Japanese companies focused on automation and the Internet of Things, or a traditional 3D printing conference.

Visitors are also offered a unique opportunity to enjoy the fair and see the most interesting parts of it without worries and planning. After successful last year's premiere, the MSV Tour project is going to take place again: organized tours of selected exhibitors based on several key themes: robotics and automation, safety in industry, maintenance and diagnostics, and energy efficiency reduction.

The Jubilee MSV is again linked with the Brno Fair City event, which enables all participants of the fair to make use of extra discounts. Just visit the Info Point at the Exhibition Centre, get an identification bracelet, and then enjoy a visit to the city with various benefits ranging from bargain menus in restaurants and events in bars and clubs to a cheaper public transport ticket or a taxi discount. Find out more at

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