M&H Plastics releases antimicrobial bottle plus antimicrobial label

With increased levels of interest in the health and hygiene arena, M&H has announced that its revolutionary new clinically-proven antimicrobial product is now available with antimicrobial labels.

The antimicrobial additive helps stop the spread of infection and is clinically proven to be effective across a wide range of bacteria including MRSA, E. Coli, Salmonella and Listeria. It works by adding ionic silver which inhibits fungal growth and kills over 99.99% of bacteria within 24 hours, and is effective over the lifetime of the product. It is food-safe and has no effect on the product contents and is widely used in the NHS where it is accepted as one of the most effective antimicrobial additives. It can be used in the manufacture of bottles and jars and is available in SAN, PP, PET and HDPE.

As well as developing antimicrobial bottles and jars M&H has worked closely with Royston Labels to develop antimicrobial labels to further help combat the growth and spread of bacteria. The labels, which are available in both clear and white, include active antimicrobial technology in the form ionic silver in the face material. Ionic silver is a natural compound which is 99% effective in limiting the growth of bacteria.