Lyondell Basell has launched a new Avant M single-site catalyst system

New single-site catalyst boosts process performance of Lyondell Basell`s Metocene PP technology.

LyondellBasell Industries has launched a new Avant M single-site catalyst system designed to extend the performance capabilities of its Metocene polypropylene (PP) manufacturing technology platform.

- This new single-site catalyst family provides additional product capabilities within our existing Metocene PP portfolio, which is already extremely versatile - said Yves Bonte, Senior Vice President of LyondellBasell`s Polypropylene Business. - The catalyst family extends the range of homopolymer, random and impact copolymer grades by offering performance from very low to very high melt flow rates, while maintaining outstanding levels of homogeneity, transparency and other features typical of single-site catalysis.

According to Jim Seward, Senior Vice President of LyondellBasell`s Catalyst Business: - We have been successfully using this catalyst system at our LyondellBasell facilities. This new family offers significant advantages above our existing metallocene catalyst portfolio. With mileage levels comparable to conventional Ziegler-Natta catalysts, smooth operability and excellent process control, it confirms the impressive potential of Metocene PP technology.

Only recently, a Metocene PP technology license was granted to PolyMirae in South Korea.

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