Krones accoladed as a climate-conscious company

Krones accoladed as a climate-conscious…

Statista, one of the leading vendors of market and consumer data, together with the business magazine Capital, examined the ratio between revenue growth and reduction in CO2 emissions at German companies in an independent survey, thus spotlighting the top 100 climate-conscious enterprises in Germany. Krones AG was ranked 48th – yet another success in the group’s sustainability strategy. In 2020, Krones had already been awarded a gold medal for its sustainability activities by the prestigious EcoVadis platform. 

“Sustainability, reduction in emissions, and economical use of natural resources have over recent years become issues of major importance in our society. For us, however, these issues are not limited to our own production operation – we rather regard sustainability as a task for the entire value added chain, beginning at our suppliers, then our own production operations, right through to our customers’ plants,” explains Welf Kramer, Head of Corporate Governance. “Being accoladed as one of Germany’s most sustainable companies is very gratifying and shows that we are definitely on the right track.”

Ambitious climate targets

The fact that Krones takes its responsibility with all due seriousness is underpinned by the climate targets the company has set itself. Since 2010, energy-related CO2 emissions were reduced by 30 to 40 per cent per million euros of revenue. 

The company has now once again stepped up its ambitions in regard to its own sustainability performance substantially. By 2030, it aims to reduce all greenhouse gas emissions produced at its own facilities (Scope 1 and Scope 2), for example by the engines of vehicles and by operating production lines, by 80 %, and the emissions from the upstream and downstream parts of its value added chain (Scope 3) by 25 %. What is more, the range of application has likewise been extended: Whereas previously it was only the emissions produced at the German facilities of Krones AG that were scrutinised, all production locations throughout the group will in future be included in the calculations.

And all of this also factors in the production operations of Krones’ clients. By offering its customers solutions for maximally simple and profitable use of resources on a sustainable basis, Krones supports them in achieving their respective targets in regard to environmental and climate protection.