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Campetella will be demonstrating its expertise in the field of industrial automation with a wide range of new and enhanced robot systems, handling equipment and fully automated manufacturing solutions - for example for the packaging industry. The robotized helpers are also mounted on injection moulding machines (short: IMM) presented during the show by well-known IMM manufacturers. A special application - similar to the one shown during Plastico Brazil 2019 - will attract the interest of trade visitors, a Campetella X-Series Modula for the IML decoration of coffee capsules made of "home compostable" material. This is a 4-cavity application with a total cycle time of 6.0 seconds, a robot cycle time of 5.1 seconds and an IMM interlock time of 0.9 seconds.  

"Primarily, we are developers and manufacturers of robot systems, which we integrate into complex automation solutions by skilfully combining and linking components.” [Elia Campetella]

Campetella Robotic Center Srl, Montecassiano (Ancona Province), Italy, a long-established traditional company, is well on its way to generating further sales growth on the European market, expanding also in Germany and positioning itself more broadly in all of Europe. The conditions are positive. The company has tripled its turnover in the past five years. 

As a result of the economic slowdown in Europe, entrepreneurs who look beyond their own horizons will take measures to reduce production costs through automation. Campetella, the specialist for innovative automation solutions, offers its customers high engineering, efficiency and flexibility, based on many years of experience. A company like Campetella grows with its challenges, nationally and internationally. The production area of the company has been enlarged from 3000 to 8500 square meters. Campetella presently employs 120 people. The Italian supplier now has a turnover of around 21 million Euros, more than 80 percent of which is generated abroad.

Over the past five years, the company has exceeded its targets and grew from a traditional, innovative manufacturer of special machinery in its fifth generation to the status of a global player. "The family-owned company appreciates the potential of its employees and maintains direct contact with each individual at all levels. We try to transport this spirit to customers and trading partners all over the world", underlines Ioannis Sakkas of KT SAKKAS, who represents the interests of Campetella on the German market.

Campetella’s company history dates back to 1897, when they concentrated on the development and manufacture of agricultural machinery and equipment. In 1980, Campetella started to design technical equipment for the plastics processing industry, a never ending passion of the company's staff. With its industrial automation solutions, Campetella has also gained an excellent international reputation. The portfolio ranges from Cartesian and linear robots, IML solutions and automotive applications to packaging automation, for example assembly systems for folding boxes. The customers are primarily from Germany, Spain, the United States, South America, North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Practical concepts and customer satisfaction are decisive for Campetella: "The search for good and functional solutions has the highest priority and does not end with the sales success", says Marco Marconi, Sales Area Manager for Northern Europe and North America. According to his information, every single project was conceived from scratch and carried the signature of senior CEO Carlo Campetella until just a few years ago. This has resulted in highly innovative solutions since the 1980s, some of which have remained individual units and special constructions. A large variety of linear robot devices and automation solutions were implemented in a wide variety of industries.

Elia Campetella, Sales Manager, has perceived that many of the earlier solutions are available to form the potential for today's standard equipment: “Combining and linking proven components systematically and imaginatively we build complex automation solutions - based on our many years of experience and designed to meet new customer requirements". Standardized assemblies with a control philosophy on fixed platforms result in systems which are easy to install, test and trial run. "Commissioning is shorter this way and any 'imperfection' is noticed at our factory, not at the customer's plant," emphasizes the entrepreneur.

Campetella relies on high-quality components from renowned subcontractors, to safeguard product stability and longevity: "This is not a cheap concept, but it pays off because unforeseen consequential costs are practically excluded.” Uncompromising quality is enforced through lean management in production with predictable throughput times and strategic QA systems. The production capacity has increased accordingly. A broad team of experienced design engineers strives to maintain the technological leading edge continuously for years to come.

Now Campetella is ready for further expansion in Central Europe: "For many years we have been enjoying very successful cooperations with German and other European IMM manufacturers. Many active relationships with customers have arisen from personal contacts. In order to expand these advantages to a pan-European scale, further investments were made in qualified service personnel and in sales," explains Elia Campetella. And adds: "We are looking forward to the new tasks and challenges which we will master with the know-how we have acquired over decades.”

Source: Campetella

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