Jubilee-Fakuma was a success for BOY

Jubilee-Fakuma was a success for BOY
A few days ago, the 25th plastic trade fair in Friedrichshafen came to an end. Not only the organizer, but also BOY - the long-standing exhibitor of the first hour – can look back on a very successful exhibition. During the 5 days of the fair the specialist of Injection Moulding Machines with a clamping force of up to 1,000 kN impressed the numerous visitors with the company’s performance range.

In addition to our Injection Moulding Machines, we placed special emphasis on the automation solutions specifically tailored to the applications” explains Alfred Schiffer, Managing Partner of BOY, the success of the medium-sized company based in Neustadt-Fernthal. "The increasing individualization of the components and the reduction in batch sizes require multifunctional usable Injection Moulding Machines. Users request attractively priced and flexible automation solutions. These demands increase the attractiveness of more compact Injection Moulding Machines."

Another BOY exhibit showed that BOY also has its own handling unit with three servomotor linear axes in its sales program. The linear robot LR 5 has been developed in the BOY-Technology forge and is available in various sizes. Optimally adapted to the BOY Injection Moulding Machines, the Procan LR5 control system works hand-in-hand with the control of the Injection Moulding Machines via EUROMAP interfaces. With a flexibly designable protective fence, the requirements of CE conformity and DIN EN 201 are observed.

Everything under control

On a BOY 35 VV, BOY showed the use of a very attractive four axes robot of the company IGUS. The compact device is much more cost-effective than the handling devices of many well-known competitors and can nevertheless be used for a multitude of applications. At the BOY 35 VV the robot was placed on the rear machine table in a space-saving manner. The robot removed the injected silicone baking tins with a gripper hand from the opened mould and placed the hot baking tins onto a conveyor belt.

From the plastic mould to the metal mould

With this motto, BOY presented the production of injection-moulded parts with 3D printed mould inserts on a BOY XXS. New at the Fakuma 2017 was the use of 3D-printed metal inserts, which have a higher durability than comparable inserts made of printed plastic. In addition tempering channels can be implemented during the printing process of the metal moulds so that the mould can be tempered adequately – a further advantage compared to the plastic mould inserts.

Servo + Servo = Simultaneously to a higher performance

A BOY 100 E equipped with a double servo drive produced dosing caps of an insulin pen in just 48 seconds on a 48-fold mould. At the start of the injection moulding cycle the two servo pumps of the BOY 100 E allow the parallel build-up of nozzle contact pressure and closing force. At the end of the cycle the two functions – open the mould and ejector movement – can take place simultaneously due to the servo double pumps.
As a result, customers who decide to use this type of BOY drive save valuable time during each cycle of the part production.

BOY is highly satisfied with the result of the Fakuma 2017. The high number of business transactions and the many promising discussions at the booth in hall A7 are the reward of BOY's high commitment to present technology-oriented Injection Moulding Machines with individually tailored solutions.

Source: BOY