JSW machines at Fakuma 2014

JSW machines at Fakuma 2014
After the successful presentation of large injection moulding machines from JSW (Japan Steel Works Ltd.) during K 2013, Windsor Kunststofftechnologie GmbH, Hanau/Germany, will show – on the occasion of Fakuma in Friedrichshafen (hall A7, stand A7-7207) – how precise and economical the J180AD works for the production of e.g. complex containers. The JSW injection moulding machine has a clamping force of 1800 kN and is equipped with a SEPRO robot.

During Fakuma, JSW and their European sales and service partners, Windsor Kunststofftechnologie GmbH, Hanau/Germany, present in hall A7, stand A7-7207, a machine of the J-AD series –1800kN clamping force – with production-relevant highlights. The 180 ton J-AD produces a small 550 ccm picnic box in attractive Italian design on a single-cavity mould. The shot weight is 42 grams, measurements are 16 x 12 x 8 cm, wall thickness is about 1.2 mm, and the cycle time is under 15 seconds. The transparent multi-colour appearance is achieved by using Clear Tint Colorants from Milliken Europe BVBA. The basic highly transparent polypropylene is Tatren RM 45 55, MFR45, produced by Slovnaft a.s., Bratislava/Slovakia, and delivered by Mol Germany GmbH, Frankfurt.

The multi-axes robot demoulds the open box – both halves are connected with each other by an integral film hinge – deposits the box on a conveyor belt and closes the quick-release click closure.

Precise and synchronous movements of all relevant axes plus high-reproducibility parallel functions are a guarantee for outstanding mould venting. The machine is gentle on moulds, shortens cycle times and provides optimum quality parts. Up to six mould breathing and compression functions can be integrated into a single clamping operation. Clamping pressure build-up and injection may run exactly synchronized. A clamping pressure build-up profile may be defined for every point along the path of the injection process. Outstanding control equipment, supplied by JSW, now also allows registering relevant process parameters every 62 microseconds. These can be evaluated and optimized if necessary. Superior performance by machinery comes with attractive output data, low machine prices and little power connecting load. The energy-optimized 1800 kN exhibit, for instance, just needs 19 kVA of power supply.


It is the objective of Windsor and JSW to be the trendsetters in marketing all-electric IM machinery in Europe, covering the entire spread from 350 kN up to 30,000 kN, as well as the up to date all-electric vertical machines by JSW.

After their successful start up at the previous K fair, both Windsor and JSW are planning to extend their customer contacts at the Fakuma fair this year. Innovative solutions for all-electric machinery enjoy unprecedented demand on the market. Windsor and JSW have taken steps to satisfy expected demands and to guarantee short delivery times. To underline this, preliminary arrangements have already been made for machinery in the small to medium clamping force ranges up to 4500 kN to be supplied ex storage facilities in Hanau/Germany.