JRD International wins the GPCA PlastCon 2013 Award

JRD International wins the GPCA PlastCon 2013 Award
JRD International, adds yet another accolade by winning the annual GPCA (Gulf Petrochemicals & Chemicals Association) PlastCon 2013 Award for "Excellence and Ideas in Plastic Innovation - Building & Construction sector" for their RMD boards - Imagineered Gennext materials for construction & interiors. The Award Ceremony took place at the InterContinental Festival City, Dubai on Monday, 8th April 2013.

The Jebel Ali-based manufacturer has invested Dhs 400 Million ($80 Million) in RMD Board - composite polypropylene board manufacturing plant that will change, among other things, construction systems and the way people dress-up interiors.

Its RMD Board manufacturing plant is capable of producing more than 1,000 designs per year in its line of products for interior decorations that will cater to different tastes and cultures.

"RMD Board combines functionality and aesthetics without compromising on either one. Its features are relevant especially to the requirements of UAE and GCC markets making them the ideal construction and interior decoration choice for the savvy buyers," said Anupam Lunavat, Managing Director - JRD International. 

RMD Board's manufacturing plant harnesses the power of this patented technology which is all the more unique for its versatility. RMD Board creates diverse range of products from those with applicability in interiors such as Wall Panels, False Ceilings, Wall Coverings and Floorings to those that are made especially for the construction industry such as Shuttering Panels and Site Fencing.

"The best is yet to come, with this innovative product, we will expand the 'Made in the UAE' products to a wider global customer base that will also help boost UAE's exports and help us contribute to the UAE economy," Mr. Lunavat explained further.

The plastic conversion industry in the GCC is in a rapid growth phase in comparison to other regions around the world. Now, thanks to organizations such as JRD International, they are on the threshold to international exports.
This achievement and innovation needed to be recognized and applauded to such companies. Building on this idea, GPCA has recognized the innovation, quality and durability of RMD Board products and bestowed upon them their prestigious trophy "Excellence and Innovative Ideas for Plastic Products, Processes and Their Sustainability".

JRD International and RMD Board fought tough competitors and excelled in such criteria as Innovation, Creativity in Technology and Chemistry of plastics conversion, Excellent products and/or applications using raw material produced from the region, Local focus on the socio-economic development of the region and Economic impact and growth prospects to take away the prize.
Lunavat Says: "Thank you to our customers, associates and partners
for believing in our vision. We have worked tirelessly for years to realize this dream to give the market what it deserves - a break-through innovation - we'll continue to push the research and development to provide newer material solutions... And the best is yet to come".

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