Interview with Frank Loewer, Art Director in Lutz Hermann Design

Interview with Frank Loewer, Art Director in Lutz Hermann Design
Plastech publishes an interview with Frank Loewer, Art Director in Lutz Hermann Design, Hamburg. Shape and packaging of a brand or a product are like a slogan without words. The realization of a product or a brand should trigger emotions.

Mr Loewer, you and Model Kramp have worked together on a number of packaging solutions for cosmetics products. What made you choose Model Kramp as a partner?
It is extremely important for us to work with partners of proven ability. Particularly in a creative industry such as ours reliability and trust acquire crucial significance. Model Kramp is a company with a reputation for competence and a wealth of experience in high-end packaging. This know-how is the determining factor for us, and especially desirable when we are looking for innovations and new packaging solutions. A series of joint projects have already produced outstanding results.

Cosmetics packaging not only encases valuable cosmetics products, but is also the most important link between the end user and the manufacturer. When developing packaging, what do you pay most attention to?
The packaging must fit the product and the concept behind it, while at the same time taking account of the expectations and needs of the end user. It has to send out clear signals that are easy to recognize. Is this a luxury product?

Is it intended to appeal to women or men? Does the brand target a younger or older group? The initial impulse to pick up an article is usually triggered by the packaging. For this reason, packaging plays a particularly significant role in people's decision to buy, which is something we naturally have to factor in.

Packaging can be a real work of art. In your opinion, why is it so important for it to have a finish that enhances it?
Already the outer wrapping must make it clear that the content is something of exceptional value. To this extent, packaging is an important component of an overall experience, which is something today's consumers have come to expect.

In addition, packaging enhanced with embossed elements, structuring and beautiful in terplay between gloss and matt or iridescent effects simply catches people's eye more quickly than less sophisticated designs. This may well give a product the crucial shelf advantage.

What do you achieve by enhancing packaging? What do your clients expect?
The client would, of course, like to see his product specially highlighted. Consequently, he expects a packaging that not only matches his product, but is also unique and stands out from the mass. This goal can be achieved by means of, for example, the different enhancement techniques we have just mentioned. Today, shape and closure technology also play an important role.

Do you see new trends in the enhancement segment?
In the immediate future I think that feel and functionality in particular will continue to gain ground. Certainly, the trend in recent years points in this direction.